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Digital TV Aerial Installation & Repair Services

Looking for digital TV satellite and aerial installation/repair? We’ve got you covered. No longer do you have to fuss with several different providers. We’ve got all your TV aerial & satellite dish service needs in one place.

Whether you want to enjoy the premium channels of Sky Q, or the freedom of FreeView and FreeSat, our aerial engineers have experience and expertise installing and repairing these services.

All of our aerial repair and installation engineers are masters of their craft, and we’re able to get you set up with any entertainment streaming and viewing platform today, with no headaches and no hassle.

If you’re ready to enjoy all your favourite channels under one roof, contact us for your free installation/repair quote. We’ll make sure it’s the best decision you’ve made for your satellite and aerial viewing needs. Guaranteed.

What’s more, our team also offers services dedicated to specific needs:

digital tv aerial installation and repair

Sky Q Installation & Repair

We’re trusted & certified Sky Q installation and repair experts. Give us a call today for your no-hassle Sky Q service needs. You can count on us to get it done right.

Freesat TV Installation & Repair

What’s better than free? We also offer FreeSat TV repair and installation services, allowing you to enjoy premium viewing without paying a premium price.

Freeview Installation & Repair

Our digital TV aerial engineers can get you set up with Freeview installation & repair services. Enjoy your favourite programs with no contract.

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Dependable Aerial & Satellite Installers Edinburgh Trusts

When you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of digital TV installation services like Sky Q, Freeview & Freesat, you want to hire the best installers you could ask for. We’re the #1 digital TV installer Edinburgh has to offer.

Whether you’re after the premium viewing services of Sky Q or the freedom of viewing with Freesat and Freeview, we’ve got what it takes to get your TV viewing set up quickly and efficiently.

When you hire us for your digital tv satellite & aerial installations, you’re choosing to put quality above all else. You’re making the decision that you deserve the best. And that’s exactly what we do — we provide only the best aerial & satellite installation/repair services.

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All of our satellite & aerial installers provide free quotes & estimates. You shouldn’t have to pay a price to know the price.

Reliable Aerial Engineers

You can count on us to get your aerials installed properly, allowing long-lasting signal and uptime.

 Digital TV Service Experts

Our team consists of trusted, masterfully trained and certified Edinburgh installation engineers.

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What happens during a Sky TV installation?

For a standard Sky TV installation, our technicians will arrive at your home and assess the property for an ideal setup. We consider all the factors of your roof pitch and direction and give you the information you need to make a well-informed decision. We also recommend the best route for cable routing during the installation from your Sky dish to your Sky receiver.

Can My Sky Dish Replace My Old Dish?

Absolutely. Our service technicians are able to replace an old, rusty satellite dish and replace it with a brand-new Sky dish, ensuring you receive top-of-the-line picture quality and signal strength.

Can I Use An Existing Satellite Dish For Freesat?

Most of the time, if you have an existing satellite dish, you can simply plug your Freesat box into the dish and get Freesat television for free. However, if you’re unsure of how to do this or have no experience with satellite dishes, your best option is to call us for a quick set up.

Tinkering with satellite dishes can cause problems if you’re inexperienced in doing so. Since dishes require precise positioning, knocking them out of alignment can be quite easy.

In any event, we recommend you contact us for help. We’ll get your Freesat TV up and running in no-time.

Can I Use An Old Sky Dish To Receive Freesat?

More often than not, you can use your old Sky dish for your Freesat TV. Once Sky TV is cancelled and/or the viewing card is removed, you’ll still be able to see only the available Freesat channels.

Aerial & Satellite Installation/Repair FAQs

You’ve probably got some questions about digital TV aerial & satellite installation/repair. Having completed countless jobs in the field, we’ve handled just about every question you can imagine. Feel free to take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions our Edinburgh aerial installers have encountered.

If you have a specific question that you don’t see answered here, feel free to reach out and contact us so we can get you a direct answer.

Our Service Area

If you’re in Edinburgh and have found yourself wondering, “where can I find aerial & satellite services near me?” we’ve got some good news: we’re the top-rated Edinburgh aerial & satellite installation/repair service. We’ve proudly served this community for several years, helping residents get a quality picture on their televisions.

We’re located between Queen St. and Hill St. in Edinburgh. However, because we travel to customers, we do not house any customer interaction facilities at our headquarters — we’ll come to you and save you time.

With a team of top-notch engineers, we’re ready to stop and offer a helping hand when you need it the most. Be sure to reach out to us today for all of your aerial & satellite service needs. You can count on us.