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Enjoy a minimal appearance & free up more space with our Edinburgh TV wall mounting installations.

Edinburgh TV Wall Mounting Services

When it comes to Edinburgh TV mounting services, you don’t want to risk settling for ‘good enough’. You need the absolute best television installers you could ask for. That’s where we come in. For several years, we’ve provided best-in-class service for all of our customers, as well as a quality of service that can’t be beaten. You see, we’re much more than another “mount TV on a wall service”.

All of our solutions are executed with precision and care, ensuring your television is mounted in your home without any problems like weak mounting brackets or possible risk of damage from poorly-mounted TVs.

If you’ve ever wondered, “where can I find the best TV wall installation near me?” we’ve got good news: you’ve just found it. Whether you’re looking to mount a small TV in a kitchen or bathroom, or you need a large TV installed in your den, we’ve got you covered.

TV wall mounting edinburgh

TV Wall Installation

We mount televisions in homes in Edinburgh with professional precision and efficiency. No matter the size of your TV, we can get it mounted.

TV Wall Bracket Installation

Our TV wall brackets are sturdy, precisely installed, and leave no room for error. This ensures your TV is mounted properly and leaves to chance for accidents.

Cable Organization

We’ll keep things neat and help organize and conceal your cables, freeing up more space and creating a neat and minimal look to your entertainment space.

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tv wall bracket installation edinburgh

We’re The TV Installation Pros

Aerial & Satellite Services is the premier installer of television wall brackets and wall mounting systems. With an expert staff of highly-trained tv installers who possess decades of experience, we’re more than capable of handling any installation job you may need. Our entire team has handled every kind of installation you can imagine, so whether it’s a small TV or a large television in a theatre room, we’ve got what it takes to handle the job.

With our vast expertise, we help Edinburgh residents save up to 30% more space in their living areas with our TV wall mount systems. What’s more, our installations provide the best mounts you could ask for, ensuring you don’t sacrifice your posture for the pleasure of viewing the television. It’s a safer, tidier, and more ergonomically-friendly way of enjoying entertainment.

Before you pick up your telephone and ring every TV installer in the book, give us a ring. We’ll be happy to assist with any installation or mounting questions you may have, and we’re always willing to provide our customers with helpful information that will make their installation as easy as possible.

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Our Edinburgh tv wall mounting experts provide free estimates. You shouldn’t have to pay a price to know the price.

Fully Licensed & Insured

You can rest at ease knowing that our company is fully licensed and insured for TV installation services.

Trusted By Edinburgh Residents

We’re the #1 TV installer Edinburgh residents trust and depend on when it comes to having their televisions installed.

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Will My TV Mount Hold Up My Television?

The weight of your television and the maximum load of the television mount play the biggest factor in how well your TV holds up. Having said that, yes — with a properly-utilized mounting system, your TV will hold up safe and securely, giving you the peace of mind knowing it’s not going to cause any damage or possible accidents.

How Long Will It Take To Mount My TV?

Depending on the size of the television and the mounting system, having a professional tv installer handle your mounting will take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. Taking the do-it-yourself approach will likely take longer. In any event, we make it our top priority to get your television mounted properly as quickly as possible.

Do I Need To Supply Any Materials For TV Wall Mounting?

The only supplies you’ll need for our TV mount installation are the required cables for your television and peripheral devices, like audio cables or power cords. It’s ideal if you have a mount handy — they’re usually included from the manufacturer with the purchase of a TV, or you can purchase on beforehand — it will make the job go a lot faster.

In any event, if you need help finding the mount or want us to provide one, call us first so we can get it taken care of for you. TV mounts aren’t one-size-fits-all, so we’ll need to know the details (make, model, size) before we’re able to acquire your mount for you.

What Surfaces Can I Mount My TV To?

TVs can be mounted to just about any surface. The surfaces TVs cannot be mounted to are stone, tile, and plaster.

TV Wall Mounting FAQs

There are usually several questions are customers have when it comes to television mounting. From simple to more intricate questions, we’ve handled just about every type of installation you can imagine. Through the years, we’ve helped residents with every concern they’ve had when it comes to mounting TVs in Edinburgh homes. Take a look at some of our frequently asked TV mounting questions.

If you have a specific question that you don’t see answered here, be sure to send us an email or give us a call. It’s our pleasure to give you the peace of mind knowing your installation job is being handled properly and with the utmost care and precision.

Our TV Wall Mounting Service Area

Our TV mounting installation services are based in Edinburgh. For several years, we’ve helped countless residents get their TVs installed the right way, adding a touch of style to their homes and adding some extra room to their living spaces.

In any event, if you’re in Edinburgh, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. More often than not, we’re able to make the trek to your home and get your TV installed quickly and securely.

Our headquarters of operations is located on Thistle Street, just between Queen Street and Hill Street. However, because we serve customers at their home, we don’t have access to the public at our offices. If you need to see us, simply give us a call and we’ll save you time by coming to you!